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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(Regarding SHe-Box or E-filing of Complaints related to Sexual Harassment at Workplace)

Q.1. What is SHe-Box ?.

Ans. SHe-Box is an online portal of Complaint Management System for lodging complaints related to sexual harassment at workplace.

Q.2. Who can file complaint through SHe-Box ?

Ans. Any woman working or visiting any office of Central Government (Central Ministries, Departments, Public Sector Undertakings, Autonomous Bodies and Institutions etc.) can file complaint related to sexual harassment at workplace through this SHe-Box.

Q.3. What are the procedures/steps required to be taken for filing of complaint through SHe-Box ?

Ans. The steps required for filing of complaint through SHe-Box are: User Manual.

Step - I For filing complaint through SHe-Box, the complainant needs to have a valid email id.

Step - II Press the tab 'Register Your Complaint', this will open an online complaint form. Fill in the relevant details as required in the complainant form such as name, designation, mobile number, email address, Aadhar number, Ministry/Department (where you work), name and designation of the accused/respondent (against whom complaint is being made), complainant’s working relationship with accused/respondent along with brief description of the incident(s). At a given time, complaint can be made against more than one accused/respondent by naming all the accuseds/respondents in the 'Name(s) of the accused/respondent' column and separating them through comma(,). In case, the complaint is already filed, please attach a copy of the same through the button provided for the purpose. After furnishing all the details, press the button 'submit'.

Step - III Once a complaint is submitted, an automatically generated email with User Id and Complaint Number will be sent to complainant's email id along with a link to generate password. With the User Id and password so generated (by clicking on the link sent with account activation email), the complainant can view the status of her complaint.

Q.4. Can I upload any document relating to complaint through SHe-Box? Is there any size limitation of data which can be uploaded ?

Ans. Yes. You can upload complaint already submitted to authorities in PDF format up to 5 MB .

Q.5. After registration of complaint, what will happen ?

Ans. Once a complaint is submitted to the SHe-Box, it will directly send the complaint to the Internal Complaints Committee of the concerned Ministry/Department/PSU/Autonomous Body etc. having jurisdiction to inquire into the complaint. The Internal Complaints Committee will take action as prescribed under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and update the status of the complaint through 'Administrator Login'. (Download the User Manual)

Q.6. Can I view status of my complaint filed through SHe-Box ?

Ans. Yes. You can view status of your complaint any time by pressing the tab 'View Status of Your Complaint' within SHe-Box.

Q.7. Whom to contact, if I face any difficulty in using the facility of SHe-Box ?

Ans. You can contact the officers mentioned in the 'Contact Us' tab of the SHe-Box for resolving any difficulties.

Q.8 What is the benefit of SHe-Box ?

Ans. Through this SHe-Box, any woman who has faced or is facing sexual harassment while working with Central Government (in any capacity whatsoever) or visiting any office of Central Government may lodge her complaint through internet facility. The complainant can also view the status of her complaint periodically. Those who had already filed a written complaint with the concerned Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) are also eligible to file their complaint through this SHe-Box.